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This is an FBR only community. The only exceptions are husbands/wives, boyfriends/girlfrineds, close freinds of the band(s), and request. If you are not directly part of FBR, please include ligit reason why you should be here with you application.

1) You must have a jounal with an acceptable username that gives some clue to who you are.
2) All disclaimers must be in place and you must have one public FO entry.
-Website link to this community. Link title doesn't matter.
-FO entry should also have a link back to this community somewhere in it.
3)All posts after your FO post need to be f-locled please.
4) You must have and AIM screen name because most of your interaction will be through AIM with your fellow community members.
5) Please KNOW your character. There's nothing more annoying than someone who barely knows the name of their Character. So go scroll through Youtube, search for Bandoms and Primers, personal journals, etc.
6) OCC and IC are like oil and water; they DON'T MIX. Let's keep it that way.
7) You must post in either your journal or one of the required community within a four week period. We don't like inactive people.
8) Try to keep up with where and what your character is up to. It's okay if you slip up a time or two, but try not to make it a usual thing please.
9) All post after your first must be under F-lock.
10) Fill out the application form below in a comment to this post and we will review it as soon as possible. You must use the journal you wish to be added to the community with in order to apply.
Character name:
AIM screen name:
Why you're here (if not apart of FBR):

11) Please do not start adding people before you are accepted. And please don't add anyone who hasn't been accepted.

***Rules subject to change. You will be notified of such changes, so watch out for such things.
***Breaking any of the community rules will earn you a warning for the first offense. Second/Third/Fourth offense with be handle on a case-by-case basis and may result in a suspention or banning from the community depending on severity of the issue.
***any questions feel free to PM on of the mods, either jmtroh or dntangr_emowntz .

Communities to be added.
*Welcoming Community: rock_n_welcome
*Request Community: fbr_requestline
*OOC community: fbradpeople
Community for all things Win: winatlifeclub2
[* = you must join those community]

list of taken characters and such here
Pimp out the community:


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